It all started when...

Brother Gilbert teaching IT in Palin, Cambodia

Brother Gilbert teaching IT in Palin, Cambodia

St Marcellin Champagnat established the Marist Brothers to respond to the needs of disadvantaged young people. He wanted the Brothers to work in the isolated rural locations with children lacking access to education.

Today, this Marist mission is no longer the exclusive property of the Brothers; it is open to all men and women who want to incorporate Marist values in their lives, and to share in Marcellin’s fundamental plan of action each in his or her own unique way. Our focus is young people and we seek to make a positive difference in their lives, especially those who are poor, deprived of education and most in need of our support.

Marist Volunteers Australia (MVA) began as a way to meet the needs of lay Marists who expressed a desire to work in communities and projects overseas. MVA falls under the umbrella of Marist Solidarity – the overarching brand of international aid of the Province of the Australian Marist Brothers.

Whether it be working in rural Cambodia or assisting a new education initiative in Vietnam, MVA is supporting local communities across Asia-Pacific and beyond.