Celeste Rebbechi

Rome & Geneva, Italy


“In January I was lucky to have the opportunity to undertake a Marist volunteer internship with FMSI in Rome. Working with FMSI over this six week period gave me incredible insight into life working for an NGO, and allowed me to further develop my professional research skills.

It was inspiring to spend each day surrounded by people so committed to making the world a better place and ensuring that every child's right to education is protected and valued. I also spent two weeks in Geneva, observing the meetings of the United Nations Committee for the Rights of the Child, which was an amazing experience on both a personal and professional level.

I have been blessed to meet so many wonderful members of the Marist community during my stay at the General House, and I would like to thank each and everyone one of them for enriching my experience, teaching me many things and making me so very feel welcome.”