Peter Pichler

Quoc Oai, Vietnam

In February 2014, Peter returned to the New Horizons centre in Vietnam for his second volunteering stint. An experienced teacher with a rich background working with students, Peter returned for two and a half months and worked in various roles within the centre assisting students and teachers. Peter reflects on his time in Quoc Oai and the mateship formed with fellow MVA volunteer Tony, and other community members.

Peter (L) with class and Br Geoff

Peter (L) with class and Br Geoff

"We gave our time as volunteers and taught English in three primary classes, four middle school classes and one high school class on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week at 5pm with classes of groups of 10-16 students.

We also provided support for the English teachers at Kieu Phu Middle school which was based on one lesson per class per week. We were allocated year 6 and 8 for myself and year 7 and 9 for Tony. Usually, we would do three classes a week for the two days but here we did six classes a week! The teachers sent us their weekly program which served as a guideline for our work in every week. We were assisting the teachers to read selected texts and also stress on pronunciations to the class on request from the teacher which follows with questions from the students and as well correcting pronunciations.

On Sunday mornings, we served as a group leader for the English club of university and post university students who wished to improve their English language conversation.

Working with my fellow volunteer, Tony, in this small community of Br Geoff and Br Antonio, was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. There was a good spirit of comradeship and co-operation in all matters of solidarity in providing the service we did for the people of Quoc Oai."