Llywellyn O'Brien

LaValla School, Cambodia & Marist Solidarity Intern, Brisbane

Llywellyn spent two months at LaValla School for children with disabilities in Cambodia and spent his days tutoring children in English, assisting them with their homework and helping in general terms in and around the community and school. He was so invigorated by this experience that upon returning home to Canberra he moved up to Brisbane for a short time to intern at the Marist Solidarity office. 

Peter (L) with class and Br Geoff

"I really enjoyed the internship and couldn't recommend it more highly" said Llywellyn when asked about this opportunity. "I am certainly passionate about MSol [Marist Solidarity] and felt that I was both learning about the work, aims, method and principles of this wonderful part of the Marist world and actively contributing to this cause in small and manageable ways". 

"The team did an excellent job of finding tasks for me which were challenging and substantive while giving me the chance to get a broad overview of MSol's work. I also valued getting a hands on view of life in the office and the day to day process of development work and doing it in a Marist way."

Llywellyn assisted the team in systematically reconciling/updating the information in paper and electronic files and worked on editing the websites content.  Llywellyn's tasks also included general documents work, helping grow our Facebook page and proof reading, sorting and ordering project files. He also, without complaint, helped us move office from Rosalie to the new Marist Centre at Ashgrove!

Llywellyn is now back in Canberra studying development studies and staying involved in the Marist world through coordinating a group of Young Marists. "I loved my time interning at MSol and and couldn't have hoped for a better experience". Thanks Llywellyn - it was great to have you too!